While most people might think Fortnite offers a battle royale experience and nothing more, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fortnite offers a Creative Mode that lets players build all sorts of unique experiences, and Epic has shared a new trailer that highlights just some of those creations.

Travel to unique realms, outlast the elements, draw your blade and dash to victory in these Creator made experiences and more! Enter the Fortnite Island code or map name and start playing!

  • Valhalla Hammer of Thor by SvenP - 0399-0154-2182
  • Tilted Zone Wars (XA) by PrettyBoyAM - 3729-0643-9775
  • Chaos Color Switch by Tinymaniac - 9510-5510-7139
  • One Trigger 100 Days by Horamubi - 2668-5883-1928

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