We previously reported on the situation involving the console release of The Outbound Ghost, a Paper Mario inspired indie game.

To put it simply Conrad, the game’s lead developer, wasn’t happy with the state the console version of the game released in and blamed publisher Digerati for the issues. He suggested for fans to not but the console version until the issues we’re fixed.

Things however quickly got worse as Conrad said not to buy the game whatsoever and changed the Steam page for the game to reflect this, saying he was pursuing legal action to get the rights to the game back. Digerati has been silent until today when the above tweet was posted by the companies official Twitter account.

In the video Sarah Alfieri, owner of Digerati and widow of Nick Alfieri, (the companies recently deceased founder) pushed back against the complaints raised by Conrad and claims the actions he took were unlawful. She even goes so far as to claim that Conrad is using the sudden death of her husband as grounds for termination of their contract.

She says the company is still willing to work with Conrad to get The Outbound Ghost patched and deliver “…the best possible version of the game that you (the consumer) deserves.” Though it’s hard to believe that will happen given the current state of affairs.

As of writing, Conrad has yet to comment on this statement, but we’ll keep you updated when he does as well as the future of The Outbound Ghost.

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