Sonic Prime is the next animated adventure for Sonic and friends, and it comes to Netflix on December 15th, 2022. Rather than going with one of the established Sonic actors, Sonic Prime puts Deven Mack into the role of Sonic, and Mack seems like he’s more than primed for the role.

According to a Kotaku interview with Deven Mack, the previous actors who’ve voiced Sonic in various media have all inspired what Mack is doing with his take on Sonic. You can expect a performance that pays tributes to the greats before Sonic Prime, while also getting something with its own twist.

I think the fact that the character has connected with me through so many different generations and so many different performances, that I’m kind of drawing inspiration from all of them to an extent, while also throwing in my own unique spin.

[Deven Mack, Sonic Prime voice actor]

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