Northgard, the Viking strategy game from developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited, broadens its horizons with today’s introduction of the The Cross of Vidar expansion, featuring a new campaign, new multiplayer faction and updated systems. This massive content update marks a point in evolution for the game with more than 3 million copies sold across Switch, PlayStation 4 5, Xbox Series X S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

In a world ravaged by doubt and lost convictions as the clans’ faith in their mighty king dwindles, new homes must be found and hope begs to be restored. Survey fresh frontiers to escape the ravaging effects of Ragnarok and follow Rig as he leads the charge, discovering strange lands harboring both hospitable and antagonistic company. March to an uncharted region, the Southern Kingdoms, home to factions unlike any our warriors have encountered.

Graciously feast with the residents of the Kingdom of Neustria and learn their core beliefs over a foaming pint of mead. In a land plagued with bloodshed, one’s faith, in harmony with strong defense units, can often prevail. Learn from the wise war chief Hildegarde to mercilessly crush enemy units, gaining faith to entice new recruits and construct massive armed structures.

A new chapter is born through the foundation of this frontier. Experiment with a refreshed clan and faction system, empowering vikings to place an unlimited number of workers on the field as long as units in each zone meet a “livability” standard. Enjoy a higher degree of customization with additional building evolution paths, opening the door to more possibilities and experiences for both solo and multiplayer.

The Cross of Vidar campaign will be released in two segments, with the first 8 levels entitled available now for $14,99, and the final 2 levels entitled The Cross of Vidar: Epilogue, arriving January 19th.

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