A new update is available for Guardian Tales. You can check out the patch notes for this update below.

  1. New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

SSR Hero : Santa’s Little Helper Rue

  • ★5 Exclusive Weapon : Terminator
  1. Contents

The new Side Story ‘Rue the Red’ will open. Reward items for Side Story, ‘Rue the Red’ will be added.

  • ‘Little Rue’ Costume
  • Merry Christmas Elves’ Card
  • Santa’s Helper’s Card
  • Skier’s Card Knowledge Collection will be added.

  • It’s My First Time Steering…
  • Steampunk Fashion
  • Beautiful Angels

The Christmas theme for Heavenhold will be applied after Dec.13 Maintenance ~ Dec.25 23:59 (KST)

Heavenhold Tower will open (Up to floor 25) and the following Missions will be added.

  • Beginner Mission Added: Clear 60 Tower Stages.
  • Challenge Mission Added: Clear 70 Tower Stages.

Guild Raid ‘Forgotten Mines’ will progress during the period below.

    • 12/14 12:00 ~ 12/27 11:59 (PST)

Arena Season 5 will progress for the following period. (3 times per day)

  • 12/12 ~12/18 (PST)
  1. Shop

SSR Hero Growth Package (Santa’s Little Helper Rue) has been added.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package will show up once you summon and own the corresponding Hero.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package can only be purchased for 7 days. It will not show up anymore if unpurchased.

The Hero Costume sale rotation will change. Purchase Period: Dec.12 after maintenance ~ Dec.26th 16:59 (PST)

New Hero Costumes

  • Unicorn Angel Eugene
  • Archangel Bari
  • Fallen Angel Gremory
  • Angel Aoba
  • Plague Doctor Karina
  • Epidemic Doctor
  • Steampunk Hero Shapira
  • Blue Knight (F)
  • Sleigh Queen Lupina
  • Chic Snowman Rue
  • Surfing Rue

The previously sold Hero Costumes will end sales.

  • Hero Costumes ending sales
  • Pretty Woman Nari
  • Pretty Boy Garam
  • Dragon Handler Lupina
  • Spirit Owner Lahn
  • Student Uniform (male)
  • Bad Boy Favi
  • Graduate Rachel
  • PE Teacher Yuze

The following 3 Christmas Packages will go on sale from Dec.19th.

  • Sale Period: Dec.18 18:00 ~ Dec.31 05:59 (PST)
  • You can check the details of the new 3 Packages in the game’s shop.
  • New items purchasable with purple coins will be added to the Shop.
  1. Event

New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

  • Period : Dec.12 after maintenance ~ Dec.26 17:59 (PST)


  • SSR Hero Santa’s Little Helper Rue
  • SSR Hero Flower Girl Bari
  • SSR Hero Grand Admiral Marina
  • SSR Hero Exorcist Miya


  • ★5 Terminator
  • ★5 Mayreel
  • ★5 Armada
  • ★5 Shangri La

The previous Hero, and Equipment Pick Up event will be over.

  • Period : Nov.14th after maintenance ~ Nov.28th 17:59 (PST)


  • SSR Hero Eight-tailed Fox Nari
  • SSR Hero Nine-tailed Fox Garam


  • ★5 Sage Bead
  • ★5 Thousand Thunder

The new Live Event ‘Rue the Red’will begin.

  • Event Period: After Dec.12 Maintenance ~ Dec.26 16:59 (PST)
  • Challenge Stage Open Time: Dec.19 16:59 (PST)
  • Event Mission End Period: Dec.26 16:59 (PST)
  • Reward Obtain Period: Jan.3 16:59 (PST)
  1. Others
  • The Hero and Weapon Summons Chance Table will be updated.

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