It’s time once again to be jealous of Japanese gamers. Square Enix is celebrating the launch of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in all sorts of ways, but over in Japan, fans will have a chance to win a very special item via a new contest.

Eligible only for those in Japan, Square Enix’s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII contest involves some social media interaction. Those who follow the official @FFVIIR_CLOUD account and send out the hashtag #リミット技を発動 (#Activate Limit Technique) will be entered into a drawing that ends on Dec. 20th, 2022. 20 runners-up will get 5,000 yen Amazon Gift Cards, but one lucky winner will take home the prize of all prizes.

As seen at the top of this post, the grand prize for one winner is a life-sized plush body pillow of the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. You’re not going to fight off any enemies with it, but on the flipside, you’ll actually be able to wield it! You’ll see plenty of the Buster Sword in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, but I think we can all agree the plush version is way better!

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