Arcana of Paradise -The Tower-, the real-time roguelike deckbuilding adventure developed by Tasto Alpha and published by SHUEISHA GAMES, draws a game-changing hand with a new name (previously christened The Tower -To the Bottom-), a new release date set for Thursday, April 20, 2023, on Switch, as well as a Japan-Asia exclusive physical edition and collector’s edition now available for pre-order.

Developer Tasto Alpha, featuring Lollipop Chainsaw director Tom Ikeda, worked with SHUEISHA GAMES on the name change to help increase visibility and properly represent the tarot elements. Additionally, the creators will beef up the launch content with Ranked Leader Boards, which will be available at release.

Embark on a topsy-turvy tarot-inspired journey featuring character design by Masaoki Shindo, the artist behind the hit manga in Weekly Shonen Jump, RuriDragon. Guide a group of brave children trapped atop the tower as they make the perilous journey to the bottom in search of sustenance. Featuring a total of 20 playable children, each with their own starting cards, stacking the deck in their favor. In each run, players will be able to form a party of two to delve into the Tower.

Choose wisely, as real-time battles call for split-second decisions. Execute attack cards with haste to string together powerful combos, and play defensive cards at the perfect moment to put enemies in a daze. Re-deal new cards instantly if dealt a lousy hand, and watch for cards that can flip with surprising positive and negative effects. Pick from hundreds of possible pairings, as each child earns new traits and upgrades after every successful run.

Fight for survival against the tower’s inhabitants that grow in peculiarity after every descent, and collect new battle cards after each skirmish. The spoils of victory create a conundrum - will the heroes reward fellow tower mates with nourishing loaves of bread or build out the deck on this run to aid the arduous trek into the belly of the beast?

Arcana of Paradise -The Tower- releases on Switch Thursday, April 20, 2023, for $19.99 with support for English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese text.

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