Narrative survival game 'Yuma Will Burn' announced for Switch

Now for something a bit experimental

16 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Tye Abbott has announced that they plan to bring Yuma Will Burn to the Switch. There’s no official release date for the title just yet, but you can see the game in action via the trailer above.

Yuma Will Burn is a narrative-focused survival game. You play as the disgraced criminal doctor Dante Aguya after a failed execution. Left for dead in The Pit, Dante must explore for food and supplies to keep himself alive. Many other criminals roam The Pit alongside Dante. Some seek medical help from him, while others seek to maim or kill him. Even among those you can help though, there will never be enough resources to save everyone. The player will make impossible decisions of triage with long-lasting story ramifications.

If Dante’s HEALTH or HOPE reaches zero, Dante dies. If Dante dies, all save files are deleted. This creates a unique, never before seen narrative tension in Yuma Will Burn. Unlike other video game protagonists, Dante is not all-powerful. Any heroics Dante may perform can cost him dearly. When death lies behind every corner, even the smallest story or gameplay decisions can have unknown importance. Yuma Will Burn is not a power fantasy. Instead, it’s an experimental drama that puts you in a position of moral decision-making from a disempowered perspective.


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