Ultimate Games will release a new update for House Flippers on December 19th to celebrate Christmas by adding new items that’ll allow you to decorate your house with holiday-themed items.

However, that’s not all! As part of the Christmas update, players will receive hundreds of new items not directly related to Christmas, which will make the House Flipper experience even more complete.

The update will be available for download starting December 19 and is free to anyone who owns the game.

What the update includes:

3 new jobs that will bring up the past, present, and future of Christmas (oh, you probably heard of that somewhere), A brand new purchasable property to decorate for this lovely time of the year, A set of 150 Christmas items, perfect for making your office look even more Christmassy than last year! About 500 new various non-occasional items, a massive cherry on top!

Luxury DLC with new items and jobs

Frozen District is also updating the Luxury DLC along with the Christmas update! Want to make your interiors even more luxurious? New items will certainly help you do that. Are you looking for new jobs? Yes, they will appear in the game. Want to buy a new home? Check out these new ones that have just appeared on the market!

The update will be available for download starting December 19 and is free to anyone who owns the Luxury DLC.

What the update includes:

3 brand new jobs filled with even more challenges, like new furniture pieces for renovation, and creative quests, 3 new houses unlockable after finishing the orders, Around 150 additional luxurious items, furtherly enriching the Luxury DLC experience!

House Flipper is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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