The Corrupt Mode update for Haiku, the Robot is now available. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • One health point game mode
  • Temporary health upgrades
  • Alternative storyline and world changes
  • Two new train stations
  • Two new achievements


  • The upgrade station found in the Central Core now lets you purchase both upgrades. Previously, players would have to reload the game to purchase the other upgrade.
  • Minor improvements to the heat detection system – mainly regarding when the heat gauge refreshes between entering and exiting heated/normal rooms.
  • Added three new map tiles that won’t affect completion percentage but will still be missing from the map, so you’ll have to find them!
  • Deadzone slider to help with any joystick drift or overly sensitive joysticks.
  • Achievements can now be viewed in-game (especially beneficial on Switch).
  • And lastly, the memorial of our beloved speedrunner Schy can be found in secret location within the Last Bunker – only if you get there before their best time of 22m.24s.75

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