The Grandia HD Collection came to Switch in 2019, giving Nintendo fans a chance to enjoy Grandia I and II with a fresh visual overhaul. Whether that was your first time playing those games or a new way to enjoy favorites, hopefully you’re appreciation of the franchise remains to this day. If that’s the case, we have some exciting things for you to look forward to!

The Grandia franchise is about to hit its 25th anniversary, and it seems there will be some special events tied to the occasion. GungHo has said that they have some “exciting celebrations planned” that should interest fans old and new, but didn’t share specifics on what to expect.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details on whatever events are announced, and share the news with you when it’s available.


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1+ y ago

This header image is so confusing.
What's happening here?

2 people have spread out a map on the floor to examine, laid down on top of it, then curled it up and over their heads, but continue look at it upside down and point at it?

Is this the same kind of rationale thay will run through the 25th anniversary celebrations?

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