You think a game named ‘Final Fantasy’ would have one entry and be done, but it was quite the opposite for Square Enix. Final Fantasy was Square Enix’s hail Mary at the time and it absolutely paid off, paving the way for incredible success and longevity for the company.

Here we are 35 years removed from the first Final Fantasy, and Square Enix is celebrating in all sorts of ways. One such celebration is a collection of brand-new art from Square Enix artists that depicts various characters and moments throughout the series’ history.

If you want to take a look at the pieces these artists have come up with, you can sift through an official online gallery here! You’ll come across works from the following:

  • Final Fantasy IX character designer Toshiyuki Itahana
  • Crisis Core artist Mihoko Ishii
  • Final Fantasy Tactics artist Ryoma Ito
  • Final Fantasy XV and VII Remake fashion artist Roberto Ferrari
  • Final Fantasy XI promo artist Fumio Minagawa

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