Developers Splashteam and publisher tinyBuild are celebrating. It has been nearly four months since the release of Tinykin, the massive-yet-miniature platform adventure, and they’re so glad to have had players enthusiastically supporting them. Today, the team is sharing some holiday cheer and bringing a nice little gift to all platforms - the free Challenge Update! Featuring time-attack challenges across every region of the game, rewarding Milo with some fancy new outfits.

The Challenge Update is our gift to players who’ve seen everything in Tinykin, but are still hungry for more. After completing a room’s main quest, you’ll find a pair of new Hornet characters. Don’t worry, they don’t sting - they’re far more interested in racing. Challenge them on the courses they’ve set up in Transidor, Sanctar, Foliana, Balnea, Ambrose, and Celerion (one short and one long course per zone), beat their gold medal times and celebrate with fashion! Plus, maybe some extra surprises for those going the extra mile and 100% completing Tinykin.

For those new to the wild world of Tinykin, it’s the tale of Milodane (Milo to his friends), an interstellar explorer who has just stumbled upon the long-lost planet Earth. The surface is nothing like he expected; he’s barely an inch high, and trapped in a very ’90s home. So begins a weird, wacky platforming adventure, filled with strange new sights and unexpected new friends.

Every room holds surprises, secrets and highly evolved (and mostly friendly) insect civilizations. Befriend bugs, and recruit the Tinykin; mysterious and powerful creatures that swarm to Milo’s aid fresh from their eggs. Lead them and they’ll move mountains, or at least some (comparatively) colossal objects. Different breeds can blast open sealed passages, build ladders to unreachable ledges and bridge electrical current between devices too!

The Tinykin are helpful, but not the solution to every problem. To really explore the house, you’ll have to master Milo’s upgradable Bubble Glider and speed around the house on a soap-bar surfboard. Grind spider-web rails and table-edges like the next Tiny Hawk! With all these options at your disposal, you’ll crack the mystery of this strange world in no time. Just don’t forget about the locals - they’re fun to hang out with too.

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