SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, announced that its error monitoring and app stability tool Bugsnag now supports the Nintendo Switch system, giving gaming studios visibility across platforms and devices. With Bugsnag, developer teams can achieve better collaboration, faster deployments, and more stable applications to ensure every end user has a next-level experience. Earlier this year, SmartBear released Bugsnag error monitoring and stability management support for Unreal Engine mobile games.

Engineering organizations currently using Bugsnag for seamless error monitoring and enhanced visibility of their mobile games, particularly Unreal and Unity, and are also releasing games for Nintendo Switch, can now use the one tool for all monitoring needs. Teams have the ability to seamlessly monitor the health of their games non-stop, including fixing errors with speed and precision to minimize further impact to user experience and prioritizing fixing the bugs that matter.

According to Statista, video game consoles generated $107.5 billion in revenue worldwide in 2021, estimated to exceed $130 billion by 2026. Despite the size of the market for game consoles, it has remained largely untapped by error monitoring services. Nintendo has sold over 114 million units of Nintendo Switch across the world since first being released in 2017.

Over 6,000 of the world’s engineering teams use the Bugsnag platform to monitor app health and build better software.


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