Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between, a narrative adventure game, is now available on Switch. Glitchhikers is normally priced at $13, but there’s a 10% discount on the game until April 6th, 2022, making it $11.69.

For more details on Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between, check out the official description below.

Glitchhikers is a surreal journey through the spaces between places. A late night drive, a deserted airport lounge, a moonlit walk through an empty park, a quiet carriage on an overnight train. Who will you meet? What will you talk about? Where will the journey take you? Find yourself along the way.

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between is about the thoughts that exist between destinations, the parts of journeys that dominate our time but not our attention, when our minds wander to parts of ourselves and our world normally left unexamined. On a late night highway drive, a quiet train car in the early hours, a walk through a moonlight park, or the endless wait in a deserted airport, we listen to weird music amid the ambient announcements of delays, and question our place in the universe.

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