Remember when people would absolutely lose their mind of Switch game icons? Not only would they scour the internet for the first peek at what an upcoming game’s icon would look like, they’d also critique the design to an insane degree. Well, some of those vibes came back when the icon for TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection was spotted, which you can see above.

To put it lightly, people were not very happy with the design of TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection icon. Thankfully, Digital Eclipse heard those complaints and they’ve been working on a new design, which you can see below.


We don’t have a release date for this icon update yet, but we do know the patch will include some game tweaks as well. When full details are shared, including a release date, we’ll make sure to bring them to you.

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1+ y ago

The only thing the old icon needed was the title in my opinion. In terms of fixes, I would just want the SNES Turtles in Time to enable the button mapping feature like the original one had, I like setting the special to a different button instead of pressing jump/attack at the same time.


1+ y ago

Is the top image the old icon? I really like its art style.

Maybe the new icon is a better indication of the game, I guess.


1+ y ago

I didn't freak out but I thought the icon was ugly when I first saw it. The new design looks to be about what I expected. More excited to see the tweaks. I hope one of them is an option to cycle through music from the games while in the menus. The song they chose to use just doesn't do much for me.

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