Racing fans, you’ve got a new reason to hop back into Chocobo GP starting soon. Those who sit down with the game later today will be able to access Season 5, which brings with it a slew of new content. This game refresh comes along with Version 1.4.0 of the game, which you can see the patch notes for below.

  • The addition of the new “Midgar” course.
  • *This course can be selected in Multiplayer, Time attack and Custom Race modes.
  • *This course will appear in Chocobo GP mode after the start of Season 5.
  • The addition of seven new series.
  • *Each series will be unlocked after finishing in third place or higher on the previous series.
  • Changes to the matching process for the first race in Chocobo GP mode.
  • *From now on, the race will start automatically once a set time has elapsed after the start of matchmaking, even if a full set of players has not joined yet.
  • Adjustments to the following characters:
  • Maduin is now invincible while his ability is active.
  • The delay before Sylph’s ability activates has been slightly reduced.
  • Improvements to Cid’s speed boost effect.
  • The duration of Mecha Chocobo’s speed up effect has been increased.
  • Changes have been made to the story mode, so that Gilgamesh and Racing Hero X’s appearances during a race will match how they look in the story scenes.
  • Fixes to incorrect parameter information shown for Raffaello (speed model).
  • Fixes to an issue where the giant fireball produced when using Treasure Hunter Cid’s ability would hit the starting gates on the Cid’s Test Track course.
  • Fixes to areas where racers could become stuck on the terrain on the following courses:
  • Big Bridge (Short 1, Short 2 and Technical versions)
  • Fixes to an issue with Time Attack mode where the ghost racer would disappear from the course after crossing the finish line on the Balamb Garden courses.
  • Other bug fixes.

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