Dengeki Hobby Web has shared new images for Bandai’s upcoming Rockman EXE “SMP Kit Makes Pose” model kits, which are planned to release on May 2023. Check out the photos and some additional details below. So far, these kits are only confirmed to be released in Japan.

Additional details (via Rockman Corner):

  • Contents: Plastic kit set (4 types in total), instruction manual, seal, gum (soda flavor) 1 piece
  • Lineup: 1. Rockman, 2. roll, 3. Gutsman & Mettor, 4. Fireman & Canodum
  • Plastic parts material: ABS
  • Size:

-MIN: Rockman… H approx. 100mm x W approx. 40mm

-MAX: Fireman… H approx. 135mm x W approx. 70mm

  • Distributor: Bandai Candy Division
  • Price: 14,520 yen (tax included)
  • Reservation acceptance start: 13:00 on December 20, 2022
  • Scheduled to be shipped in May 2023

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