Today, SEGA published the third episode of Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats, offering tips and tricks on Cyber Space and Arcade Mode. Check out the latest edition of Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats above, and see below for a breakdown of the topics discussed in the episode:

Accessing Cyber Space - Ancient portals to Cyber Space can be found all throughout the open-zone areas. Sonic will have to defeat enemies and Guardians, fish with Big the Cat or use Cyloop around markers with a treasure chest icon to collect Portal Gears and unlock these entrances to access Cyber Space levels.

Unlocking Arcade Mode - Once the main story campaign is completed, Arcade Mode will be unlocked, providing players access to all Cyber Space levels. Once unlocked, players can jump in through the main menu and challenge themselves to complete all four missions like finishing the level, clearing the stage with an ā€œSā€ rank, collecting a minimum number of Rings and finding all five of the Red Star Rings.

Speed Running Cyber Space - Use moves like Homing Dash, Boost and Rail Launching to master the skill of speed running within Cyber Space.

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