Chun-Li Nendoroid set for Summer 2023 release

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22 December 2022
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There are a handful of game characters that are recognizable to millions of players, including those who haven’t even touched a single entry in the series. That small group of characters no doubt includes Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, and she’s about to be immortalized in a new figurine.

Good Smile Company is releasing a Chun-Li Nendoroid in Summer 2023, and it’ll include extra face plates, along with effect and body parts. We can expect the Nendoroid to release June 2023 in Japan and August 2023 in North America. The Nendoroid will be priced at roughly $ up in June 2023 in Japan. Then, a North American release will follow in August 2023.

The three face plate included with Chun-Li are stoic, yawning and smiling. There’s even a separate hand piece that allows you to recreate Chun-Li’s winning pose. When it comes to the effects, you’ll be able to use parts to recreate a Kikoken or the Hundred Lightning Kicks.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the Chun-Li Nendoroid, you can find a gallery of photos here. You can also use that same link to place a pre-order.

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