Dawn of the Monsters is a beat’em-up from 13AM Games that came to the Switch back in March of this year. The game features larger-than-life monsters stomping through towns and the countryside, beating up any baddies heading their way.

While Dawn of the Monsters has been out for less than a year, it turns out 13AM Games has been toying with the idea since all the way back in 2016. Even more interesting, the game wasn’t a beat’em-up at that point, and was actually a straightforward fighting game.

In an interview with Hitsave, Alex Rushdy, CEO and Creative Director at 13AM Games, opened up about how the idea for Dawn of the Monsters evolved after the team put together a 2016 prototype.

…it was started in 2016, we created a prototype, and it was a fighting game. And it was actually, I don’t know if you know, the old NeoGeo game King of the Monsters. …it was supposed to be a King of the Monsters 3.

…so we had built you know, move sets and all this stuff to create this fighting game prototype. And there are a lot of similarities between fighting games and beat ‘em ups, but there are a lot of key differences as well. So when we decided to turn it into a beat’em-up, we wanted to carry over a lot of the depth, but we wanted to make it less complex so that players could just more easily hop in.

[Alex Rushdy, CEO and Creative Director at 13AM Games]

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