WayForward once again shows interest in River City Girls 2 DLC

More to beat up on the mean streets?

23 December 2022
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River City Girls 2 may have just come out on Switch last week, but fans are already eager for more content. As we’ve said in the past, it seems like there are at least ideas for DLC, but nothing concrete just yet. Today brings us even more hope that DLC could release in the future.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, WayForward’s Bannon Rudis and Adam Tierney talked about the potential for River City Girls 2 DLC. It seems like if that were to come about, it all depends on the sort of reception this sequel gets.

Bannon: Way too early to tell. I have ideas but nothing is official as of yet at all. Hopefully players are interested in us expanding this further because I personally would love to.

Adam: We would’ve loved to have produced some DLC for the first game, but at the time it made sense to just roll directly onto the sequel. Hopefully this time, we can add a few more features to the game via DLC, although that all depends on how well the game itself does in terms of early sales first.

[WayForward's Bannon Rudis and Adam Tierney]

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