Image source: Denfami
Image source: Denfami

Masahiro Sakurai, the renowned game developer behind the Super Smash Bros. series, recently sat down for an interview with Denfami, where he revealed that he now considers himself as “semi-retired” after working for 9 years on Smash for 3DS/Wii U and Ultimate.

Sakurai also talked about his YouTube channel, which has seen great success ever since it began and went through the process of how the videos are made and why he believes that it will be difficult for another developer to create a similar channel. He also revealed some of the recent games and manga he finished.

The interview was conducted in Japanese, but Twitter users @PushDustIn and @gosokkyu were kind enough to provide translations for the main points of the interview. Check out the threads below.

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1+ y ago

I figured as much regarding his semi-retirement but it’s sad to hear aloud no matter how much I prepare myself for it.


1+ y ago

Sakurai really needed a break after two Smash games back-to-back that nearly broke him both times (Sakurai said the games were done as a favor to Iwata). Whether if he'd go back to game development would depend on his mood and any project offers he receives or makes himself. Right now he seems pretty happy speaking about the gaming industry, so it would be understandable if he wants to continue his online series for now.

If Sakurai ever takes up a game dev project after awhile, hopefully it would be something that he wants to do even if it's a non-Nintendo project or if Nintendo happens to offer a project that's not just Smash 6. I wouldn't mind Sakurai getting the keys to any other Nintendo IP that isn't Smash or Kirby.

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1+ y ago

When Nintendo starts on the next Smash Bros., Sakurai will be involved in some capacity.

the schaef

1+ y ago


Iwata: "we're doing another Smash game!"
Sakurai: "Nani?!"


1+ y ago

It's HARD to do a job well if you're semi anything.