Rhythm Heaven-influenced 'Bits & Bops' coming to Switch in 2024

Indies do what Nintendon't seem interested in anymore

28 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

2023 hasn’t even started yet, but we already have a new Switch game lined up for the year after. Developer Tempo Lab Games has announced that they’ll be bringing Bits & Bops to Switch in 2024, and fans of Rhythm Heaven will definitely want to check this one out.

Bits & Bops is a collection of original rhythm mini-games that features over 20 mini-games filled with catchy music, snappy gameplay and gorgeous, hand-drawn animation.

It’s easy to see the influence from Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series, which sadly, we haven’t seen a new entry from in quite some time. It’s nice to know other developers are willing to fill the void until Nintendo returns with a fresh installment.

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