Pokemon Unite approved for release in China

All it took was 18 months!

29 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

While China may be the leading game market in the world, the number of titles that see release there is quite small compared to other regions. Games have to go through a very long and meticulous approval process, which results in games hitting China years after they’ve launched elsewhere.

As of today, China has announced that another 45 foreign and 84 local games have been approved for release in China. This includes a smattering of different titles, but included in the mix is Pokémon Unite. Pokémon Unite originally released for Switch all the way back in July 2021, showing just how long it can take even big-name games to get approved for release.

If it takes a Pokémon game nearly a year and a half to get approved for release in China, you can only imagine the slim chance other games have at Chinese releases. Even if they do get approved, fans will be left waiting an extremely long time.

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