Disney's Encanto brings musical magic to Fall Guys

This time, we're talking about Bruno

29 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Blunderdome might feel like a family feud with three Madrigals stumbling around, but Mirabel’s Costume is here to help everyone come together… eventually. Super strong Luisa’s Costume will get you ready to dominate the ‘Dome, and we are allowed to talk about the Bruno Costume, that looks like a vision complete with a poncho.

Encanto’s musical spirit shimmies through a pair of emotes: these beans will bust moves guaranteed to win any dance off. And Madrigal’s Candle will never go out… of style. The miracle candle comes as a waxy wearable, and burns brightly on any bean’s head!

Along with all the amazing items mentioned above, there are patterns, nameplates, and nicknames to grab, too! It’s a miraculous update for Encanto fans. All items are available in the Fall Guys Store from 9AM GMT on 29th December, 2022 to 9AM GMT on 3rd January, 2023!

See you and La Familia in the Blunderdome!

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