Beat-em-up games have been making a huge comeback in recent years and it grows even more popular thanks to games like River City Girls 2 and TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.

A new one is joining the genre with the name of Hollow World: Dark Knight! A game where you fight hordes of enemies, upgrade your skill tree and try to beat over 100 stages, that’s a lot! If you’d like to get the game yourself, you can do so here and below we have the full description and screenshots of the game.

Fight hordes of enemies for the freedom of the whole world!

Defeat waves of dangerous opponents, and collect consumables during combat to create upgrades for your hero. Develop your character to unlock different spells you can use in the battle. You must prepare yourself properly because dangerous bosses who want to destroy the entire universe will appear at the end of each stage. Only you can resist their strength. Use your skills to defeat any rival standing in your way to freedom!

Game Features:

-Spells of varying use and power

-Crafting system for the main character

-Hero upgrade in the magic skill tree

-Exciting boss fights

-+100 stages

-Arena mode with waves of enemies

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