Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is the latest game by Inti Creates which is coming in February 23rd of this year. While the game was announced in August of last year, Inti Creates has been sharing quite a few updates and overviews on many aspects and characters of the game. Here we’ve compiled the ones released for the month of January so far!

January 2nd

In Grim Guardians: Demon Purge, you can explore every nook and cranny of a demon’s castle, with various secrets for you to uncover. There’s also students to rescue, and various items to collect to strengthen the demon hunting sisters and help them reach the top of the castle.

Nanako Tamasaki (voiced by Yuna Taniguchi in Japanese) is a second year student who lives at her own pace. She claims to be a perfectly normal girl, but she actually hides a secret that should never come to light…

January 3rd

Chiru Kondo (voiced by Risae Matsuda in Japanese) is a first year student who, until recently, refused to go to school. She loves sweets and retro games, and is quite good at tinkering with mechanical things. She has quite the attitude for someone so shy.

January 4th

Risu (voiced by Chisa Kimura in Japanese) is a working angel who constantly fails at literally everything. She considers herself a dependable older sister-type, but that’s not really the case…

January 5th

??? (voiced by Yumi Hara in Japanese) is a demon that who exudes a mysterious aura. How is she related to the incident that turned a school into a demon’s castle? What is her identity?

If you’d like to see even more updates shared during the month of December, I recommend going to Perfectly Nintendo for those!

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