Invincible crossover now live in Fall Guys

Now how about season 2 of the show, damnit!?

06 January 2023
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Skybound Entertainment is excited to announce Invincible themed Cosmetics are available now in Fall Guys. Until January 10 and in time for Invincible’s 20th Anniversary, suit up your beans in Costumes fit for a Guardian of the Globe. ​ ​Created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, Invincible #1 debuted to critical acclaim on January 22, 2003. Soon after, they were joined by artist and contributing creator Ryan Ottley. Throughout its fifteen-year run, Invincible not only continued for a historic 144-issues but also spawned multiple spin-off series. In 2021, the Invincible animated series arrived on Amazon Prime and quickly became one of the most popular new streaming series of the year, earning praise worldwide for its fresh storytelling. With a second season set on the horizon and new comic book projects to be announced, Invincible remains a cornerstone of the pop culture landscape that continues to grow in popularity every year. ​​ ​Available until January 10th:

  • Titular teen hero Invincible’s Costume is a delight in blue and yellow spandex
  • Omni-Man has a monochromatic Upper-Costume with a scowl that will clear a space during any challenge
  • An Omni-Man Pattern to give you that fresh superhero suit
  • A boldly bright Atom Eve Costume – stylish and powerful

In addition, Nameplates and Nicknames inspired by the show and comics will also be available.

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