Alphadia Neo now available on Switch

Where does Kemco keep getting these RPGs from!?

06 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

KEMCO proudly announces the release of Alphadia Neo for Switch on the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop. The game is priced at $15.

Three countries, between which battles over Energi have broken out. A man with no memory meets a princess whose kingdom has been destroyed. The gears of history begin to move little by little. What is in the hearts of the Energi clones? And what is the determination in the heart of the sorrowful princess? In this truly classic fantasy story… Cut a way through the path of despair with allies!

You can choose three Styles for each character. Styles can be changed during battle, so if you need to restore a character, change to a recovery Style, or move a character to the Vanguard at the right time to make a physical attack. Use Styles well to increase the effect of attacks and skills.

Of course, the Energi system unique to ‘Alphadia’ is still present. By raising multiple elemental levels, you can also acquire powerful compound Energi Arts.

Make good use of intense skills ‘Resonant Skills’, in cooperation with allies. Since there is a waiting time in proportion to the tremendous force, it is important to carefully watch the action orders of the participating members, and choose just the right timing. Learn new skills at various points, such as at level ups and in events.

As you travel through different lands, you can fish at fishing spots whenever you want. Choose your tackle and catch a big fish, which you can exchange for various items. There may be powerful equipment you can only get this way!

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