Wondering what’s next for the Rune Factory series? We already know that a new non-numbered Rune Factory game is in the works, but now we also have confirmation of Rune Factory 6 as well. No platforms were mentioned for that game, but Rune Factory chief director Shiro Maekawa did confirm plans to develop Rune Factory 6 sometime down the road.

In a 4Gamer interview with Maekawa, we learn that the spin-off title is going to be quite a departure for the Rune Factory series, and the team is considering multiple elements to include. This all stems from a desire to try new things with the Rune Factory series.

As for Rune Factory 6, Maekawa says the team plans to work on that title sometime in the future. All Maekawa knows right now is that the team will need to look at Rune Factory as a whole and decide on what big changes should take place for the games sixth installment.

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