Before you ask…yes, this is actually available in the game, and it’s for one day only.

In honor of April Fools’ Day, Innersloth has added Horse Mode to Among Us. This mode is only sticking around until 8 PM ET today, so you better get your fill while you can. Full details on this mode are below.

  • Among Us Crewmates and Impostors reimagined as a more cursed four legged version of themselves
  • A new “neigh” kill sound that is voiced by our programmer Gary. This was originally a joke filler sound we used until we could find a real horse sound to use. Then we realized it was much better this way.
  • A new (anticlimatic) kill animation for Impostors
  • Horsemates can only wear hats and visors for this update
  • This mode was made as a joke side project so there might be some janky visuals

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2+ y ago

What an amazing trailer that was! This is the kind of weird that I love to see from developers.