The next round of details on Fire Emblem Engage have come in, and the focus this time around is on Seadall (voiced by Shougo Sakamoto in Japanese).

Seadall is a famed dancer from the Kingdom of Solm. A gorgeous man with a mysterious aura, Seadall’s specialty is fortune-telling, and he will gladly tell you what your future holds. You can find him hanging out at the Fortuner-Teller Hut.

Seadall’s initial class is Dancer, a class that performs mesmerizing dances. This class can use the Dance command next to an ally who has already performed an action during their turn, allowing them to act again during the same turn.

In the video above, you can some footage of Seadall speaking to Amber, along with a variety of animals. Turns out you can rescue animals during your adventure and bring back to the Somniel. You’ll be able to visit the animals you’ve saved by taking a trip to the Farmyard. Not only will you be able to interact with them, but you’ll get some rewards as well!

Want to turn the Farmyard into your own personal animal sanctuary? By investing in the different countries of the Continent of Elyos, you can increase the number of animals you can shelter!


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