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Your window to all-new worlds

12 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Whether you’re a farmer or a fighter, a builder or a burrower, discover a new chapter of ideas at Minecraft Marketplace! Trade your Minecoins for mutated mobs, magical adventures, mini-games, and more. What’ll your next story be? Find out at Minecraft Marketplace!

The Marketplace is vast, you might wonder where to begin. Why not start with the two new content bundles: the Dinosaur and Skyblock packs? Think of them like a pick-and-mix bag of themed goodies, each stuffed with skin packs, adventures, and even some Minecoins to help you try new things!

The Skyblock pack lets you explore one of the most iconic playstyles in the Marketplace: skyblock adventures! If you’ve never tried one of these maps before, it involves you standing upon a single block and doing something that feels incredibly dangerous: mining the block you’re standing on for resources! Luckily these blocks regenerate, and often they’re filled with surprises. The Skyblock Pack includes both the original Skyblock and Infinity Skyblock adventures, plus a cloud hoodie, Elytra emote, and more!

If you prefer to keep your blocky legs on the ground, then the Dinosaur pack is a lot more lizard-filled, and comes with not one, not two, but three Dinosaur adventures! Walk amongst dinosaurs, tame them, ride them, the choice is yours! Did I mention there’s also two lizard-themed skins and some adorable dino Dressing Room items?

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