While we’re sad to say it, Ash Ketchum is coming to the end of his journey in the Pokémon animated series. Ash has achieved his ultimate goal and will ride off into the sunset, making way for a whole new series and cast of characters.

With that, Sarah Natochenny, the voice of Ash, will be moving on as well. Natochenny has been voicing Ash for well over a decade now, and she’s obviously grown close to the character and the brand. In an interview with Polygon, we learn that Natochenny also discovered a part of herself by voicing Ash.

“Playing a string of protagonists, starting with Ash, had proven to me that my innermost being is an outgoing, adventurous person who screams a lot — I literally found about 200 video clips of me screaming for my 2022 recap video. I’m so grateful I decided to become an actor, because I may not have discovered that side of me otherwise. Ash never gave up on his greatest passion, and neither will I. To be clear, the passion is acting, not screaming.”

[Sarah Natochenny]

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