Digimon World: Next Order is set to release on Switch come February 22nd, 2023. In advance of release, Bandai Namco has shared some technical details on the game. In particular, we have the info on framerate, resolution and file size.

When it comes to framerate, Bandai Namco says the game will mostly be 60fps, but that can drop to 30fps in certain circumstances. As for resolution, you can expect the game to be locked at 1080p in TV mode and 720 for portable. Finally, the game will take up 6.7 GB.

In Digimon World: Next Order, the Digital World has run rampant with Machinedramon and is now in a state of utter chaos. As a Digidestined, it’s up to you to restore order to the world in Digimon World: Next Order, a monster collecting RPG. Find and recruit as many faithful Digimon companions as possible to rebuild the Digital World. Will you be able to balance both training and exploration to stop the virus-infected Digimon from causing complete destruction?

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