Nippon Ichi Software has released the fourth new Disgaea 7 video as part of their character introduction series of trailers. This time around we get a look at Seefour, and details about her can be found below via an English translation by Gematsu. Check out the latest character introduction trailer above and stay-tuned for more!

A phantom thief whose name is known in Hinomoto Netherworld. She only steals from those connected to the Shogunate, and is popular among the people as the “Phantom Thief Mouse ★ Girl.”

While she usually has a careless air about her, she is a gunpowder and arms freak who becomes a different person when she sees weapons or explosions—or gets a whiff of gunpowder. If she goes too long without smelling gunpowder, she will start to feel under the weather.

She seems to be collecting “Netherworld Sacred Treasures,” weapons unique to Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster, for research purposes…

These character introduction videos will be released throughout the week, and you can see the full schedule of what’s ahead below.

  • January 18, 2023 – Suisen
  • January 20, 2023 – Ao
  • January 23, 2023 – Higan Zesshousai

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