Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze is now available to pre-order, and there are both physical and digital options up for grabs.

Nefasto’s Misadventure will be available in 2 Collector’s editions inspired by computer game boxes: one in the colors of Japan, the other of the USA. These editions numbered at 500 copies each include a (high) strategy guide, the OST in CD format and poster hand-signed by the Aurora Game Studio team! There is also a standard physical edition up for pre-order as well. All 3 versions can be found at the Pix’n Love website.

Tired of derivative games? Stereotypical universes? Do you feel an irrepressible need to be surprised, jostled? Do twisting puzzles and obscure discoveries make you burn with desire? Just like the point’n click genre? Pix’n Love Games and Aurora Game Studio have your remedy: Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze for Switch! Embark on the completely “glitched” universe of Nefasto and break the 4th wall, this time for real!

Nefasto could have been a hero. Unfortunately for him, he is more “zero” material. And for good reason: bottle-fed with binary code, it is an (insignificant) game data of a (very) bad game. A bug generated by the appalling work of its developers is causing the world in which it evolves to crumble. As the system purges its mediocre program, Nefasto mutates into corrupted data and finds itself stuck in the heart of a buggy console! The system is about to crash and time is running out! Will he find a way to escape before being permanently erased from the program?


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