The original De Blob was a big hit on Wii, and deservedly so. From unique gameplay to a fantastic soundtrack, the title was an absolute blast that made quite good use of the Wii Remote. De Blob was also slated for release on DS, but that project ended up getting scrapped during development.

While De Blob 2 did make it to the DS, many have wondered what the original De Blob would have been like on Nintendo’s dual-screen portable. Fans don’t have to wonder anymore, as footage of the DS prototype has just surfaced, and you can take a look in the tweet below.

While this prototype build is still quite early, it definitely shows off a good idea of what gameplay would be like. While a different perspective from the Wii version is present, the core gameplay seems to have translated quite well to the DS. It seems like a real shame this one never made it out to the public, as the core mechanics appear to be quite fun!

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