Fire Emblem Engage "Fire Emblem For All" promo video

Fire Emblem 101 before Engage's launch

17 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Whether you’re new to the series or a battle-hardened veteran, Fire Emblem has something for everyone! From building out your ideal army to making friends along the way, Fire Emblem provides tons of fun. This new 8-minute promo video aims show you just how much awaits in Fire Emblem Engage!

In a war against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms worked together with heroes from other worlds to seal away this great evil. One-thousand years later, this seal has weakened and the Fell Dragon is about to reawaken. As a Divine Dragon, use rich strategies and robust customization to meet your destiny—to collect 12 Emblem Rings and bring peace back to the Continent of Elyos.

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