The Pokémon 2022 VG Season may be done and dusted, but that’s no reason to forget all the fun and amazing moments it offered. For those who’d like to relive the stellar events or newcomers who missed out, Pokémon Co. has put together a video recap showing the best battles, biggest surprises, and everything else that made for a memorable year.

If watching this video gets you hyped for the new season of Pokémon VG play, now’s the perfect time to start watching! With the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet comes a new era of competitive play. In the past few weeks, Trainers have been working hard to identify the best Pokémon and strategies to use in upcoming events. The VGC 2023 season officially kicked off with the San Diego Regional Championships on January 7 and 8, so competitors have had to practice both diligently and quickly.

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