Live by the Sword: Tactics 'Winter Update' now available

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19 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Live by the Sword: Tactics’ Winter Update is now available. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


Traits! Each of the seven main playable characters now have two traits, which grant the character with a powerful passive effect, which can be selected in place of one of the current six abilities before battle, giving an even larger array of options to pick and mix from.

Thief, Pirate and Mercenary, the three unlockable characters in Adventure Mode, now feature a full range of eight abilities and traits to select from and each now have an innate trait.

AI controlled Thieves, Pirates and Mercenaries in other modes also have access to the new innate traits and some of these new abilities so be on the look out!

Adventure Stat Points! A whole new Stat Point system has been added into your Adventures, allowing you to upgrade the Health, Movement, Speed and Accuracy of each of your party members using points earned from battling. Each party member also comes with their own stat-affecting Attitude which is revealed upon their recruitment to your team.

Grand Effects! Now that you’ve invested your hard earned Stat Points into a character, you can boost them even further by selecting from one of three available Grand Effects, which gains the character with an additional passive bonus in battle. With over 20 Grand Effects available between the ten playable classes the passive possibilities just keep growing.

Adventure Battle Changes! Gone are the old randomly selected battle boards, with each of the 30 possible battle locations instead now having their own unique board to battle upon.

New items! Six new items are now available in Adventure Taverns, providing players with new ways to deal damage and heal allies in battle and instantly earn Stat Points early. Players with existing Adventure runs will be able to find these new items in taverns in their next Adventure run.

Fast Mode! A new Fast Mode toggle is available in the Options menu, which when enabled will double the speed of all movement and action animations in offline battles.

Story Battle Changes! We’ve listened to your feedback and gone are the endless waves of Thieves, Pirates and Swords. All 24 Story battles have been reviewed and the vast majority updated with different enemies and/or different rules around how many characters you can select and which characters can be selected.


  • The unlock requirements for the Adventure and Tactician modes have been removed, meaning the two modes are now available to play from when you first start the game.
  • All Tactician battles are also now available from the start of the game.
  • The unlock requirements for the unlockable Adventure characters have been updated:
  • Thief now unlocks after completing Story Act 1.
  • Pirate now unlocks after completing Story Act 2.
  • Mercenary now unlocks after completing Story Act 3.
  • Character movement speed has been increased.
  • Maximum placeable characters in Adventure battles is now capped at 4 instead of 5. Online Quick Play is now exclusively 3v3.
  • The Alchemist’s Blinding Potion will now cause the target’s next Basic Attack to miss.
  • The Alchemist’s Quickness Potion now increases the target’s next movement by 2 instead of 1.
  • The Archer’s High Jump is now a Trait, allowing them to move up and down two levels whenever moving without needing to use an ability to do so.
  • The Medic’s Mend Wound now heals for up to 3 instead of 2.
  • The Medic’s Healing Aura now healing for up to 2 instead of 1.
  • The Wizard’s Fireball now deals up to 3 damage to the target instead of 4.
  • The Wizard’s Flame Lance now deals up to 3 damage to the target instead of 4.
  • Existing items in Adventure have been repriced:
  • Bolt items now cost 2 instead of 3.
  • Vision items now cost 2 instead of 3.
  • Sword items now cost 1 instead of 3.
  • Watch items now cost 2 instead of 3.
  • Bats now spawn less often in Caves.


  • In Adventure mode party member actions are now viewable directly from the icon on the side bar.
  • Action damage is now always accurate for the character currently being targeted.
  • Character selection styling has been updated to make it clearer which characters are already placed.


  • Battle animations should now function as intended when the game is running at low FPS. (<10 FPS)
  • Quickness Potion description updated to more accurately describe what it does.
  • Fix for action stats not displaying sometimes in the action selection menu.
  • Fix for background music disappearing for the client after a second battle in an Online Custom Game session was started.
  • Fix for the auto-save start-up text going off screen in some resolutions in some languages.
  • Fix for gamepad/keyboard directional input sometimes being incorrect after rotating the board.
  • Fix for not being able to back out of the Well Read menu.

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