CD Projekt Red announces official Witcher cookbook

This ain't no April Fools joke!

01 April 2022
by jmaldonado 0

CD Projekt Red has announced an official Witcher cookbook featuring 80 recipes inspired by the games. The book is being written by Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka, who run the Witcher Kitchen and Nerds’ Kitchen websites respectively, so you know they are familiar with the subject matter!

The Book is now available for pre-order as you can see in the tweet below. The physical version is $35 while the kindle release is $15 and it’s coming wherever books are sold October 25th.

Not only is it cool to see the recipes crafted for this book but it is also nice to see a big company embrace the fans’ passion for the series. Hopefully this trend can continue and more games can receive their own official cookbooks (and other works) powered by their fans.

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