Into the Breach will be updated to v1.2.88 sometime in the near future. While we wait on a date, we do have the full patch notes to share. You can find a complete breakdown of what’s to come below.

  • Fixed cloning Power Cores exploit involving the Store’s undo option
  • Fixed repair platform exploit for achievements involving healing and using ‘undo move’
  • Plasmodia, Spider, and Blobber bosses will correctly take damage from Void Shocker
  • Kills from the Void Shocker will correctly trigger on-death effects and XP
  • Frame Limiting setting and End Turn Confirmation setting fixed
  • Alpha Vek icon restored (important for colorblind mode) for some of the new enemies
  • Removed Earth Mover / Mine Bots from the Attack Order display. They do not have queued attacks, so any positional order is misleading.
  • Restored Terrain Icons in situations where Fire may be obscuring other tile information (Conveyor Belts, Cracked, etc.)
  • Using Enrage Shot to make an enemy attack a blank space will now appropriately trigger Void Shocker
  • Logic for determining if a tile is “dangerous” has been improved to account for units being pushed. This is helpful for Enemy AI, Pod Placement, and more.
  • Enemies should no longer spawn behind the player on the Forest Fire mission (rare issue)
  • Earth Mover’s tile will can no longer start as Cracked
  • Possible fix: Game could hang when it could not find a place for pawns to spawn
  • “Let’s Walk” achievement will only count enemies now (as described in the text)
  • “Minor” enemies will no longer count towards the “Pacifist” achievement (making it easier)
  • Fixed bugs around Networked Shielding to make it more consistent
  • ACID will now remove Vek Mites even if the pilot has Thick Skin
  • Fix for extremely rare cases of Vek corpses being pushed when they should not be
  • Fixed numerous bugs around the weapon effect preview UI
  • Wind Torrent push-ordering has been modified to make outcomes more consistent with - the effect preview
  • Minor text / UI issues fixed

Mod Helpers:

  • Pilot skill “blacklist” is now a part of the scripts
  • Blank “modloader.lua” file is now in the script file to help with mod loadings
  • Added “GetFTLPilots” to pilots.lua for generating the Secret Pod pilot list.
  • Added access to Pawn:SetBoosted(bool) for the scripts

Switch Specific:

  • Developer Console fixed and will function as expected (three finger swipe to open + closes after entering a console command)

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