The Spirit and the Mouse has been updated to Ver. 1.2b. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New features

  • Added option for crouch hold/toggle. (Settings > Game)
  • Added option for high contrast mode. (Settings > Game)
  • Added option for disabling camera auto rotation. (Settings > Game)
  • Added option for turning on closed caption (Settings > Audio)
  • Added new rebind option for new control: Autorun. Press the button to toggle autorun. (Settings > Game)
  • Added ability to pause cutscenes (using the Start/Esc button during a cutscene)
  • Added a cheat to toggle “Popcorn mode”, activated by a combination of Squeaks and shocks….


  • Major: Fixed Crash happening when trying to exit Kicry’s area after starting their minigame.
  • Major: Fixed softlock happening if player completed Kiscribe while Kiclumsy was started, and quit the game directly after.
  • Fixed typo and grammar errors in french
  • Fixed brightness option not working correctly
  • Improved collision in East Stairs back alley
  • Fixed multiple holes in geometry
  • Slightly move Kisenior to prevent player from being stuck
  • Adjust collision to prevent player from getting stuck in gutter near Kisprint in East
  • Autorun can be triggered while running
  • Kidive help sparks don’t disappear until current request is validated
  • Various minor fixes


  • Map pin for the secret dressing room in South Square is always visible
  • Kidive (North) and Kisprint (West) have dynamic difficulty. Kidive will show sparkles on the right object after 2 fails. Kisprint minigame in west gets easier the more you fail
  • Vibrate controller when changing the rumble setting on/off

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