SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, is excited to introduce their new collaboration items for Bayonetta. In black with red and gold accents, their Bayonetta-inspired backpack and long wallet are sure to entice fans as only the Umbra Witch can.

Bayonetta Model Backpack

This backpack has a flap with an eye-catching gold metal part modeled after the Umbra Witches’ magical seals. The motif of a rose is embossed on the body, mimicking the one on Bayonetta’s suit.

The original lining pattern inside is inspired by the in-game menu design and includes a kiss mark, the panther, crow, and bat transformations from her Beast Within technique, the cauldron used to concoct lollipops, angels, occult inscriptions, and many more!

Bayonetta Model Long Wallet

This sophisticated long wallet features a strap closure decorated with a vivid red stripe reminiscent of Bayonetta’s hair ribbon, with her name written in occult script on it. It also has a removable golden chain that reminds us of the ones from her outfit. Attached to it is a charm modeled after the bullet directly shot from her lipstick. Don’t miss Bayonetta’s iconic quote, “Let’s Dance, Boys!” embossed inside next to a kiss mark, and the zipper pull imitating the belts on her arms!

If you’re interested in either of these items, you can pre-order them from now until Feb. 12th, 2023, and both are set to launch in August 2023. The backpack can be scooped up for $230, while the wallet is priced at $160. You can get a better look at each item here.

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