Metal Black S-Tribute cancelled for Switch

Ashes to ashes, rust to rust

25 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Just 20 days ago, City Connection revealed that the original 2D side-scrolling arcade game, Metal Black, will be released in a new form as ‘Metal Black S-Tribute.’ That version was set to contain new features such as a Rewind, Online Ranking, Slow Mode, and more. Unfortunately, this release has now been cancelled.

City Connection has announced that Metal Black S-Tribute is no longer planned for Switch (or PS4) as there’s already an Arcade Archives version of Metal Black available on Switch. We’re not quite sure how City Connection wasn’t already aware of this, but nevertheless, this revamped release has been squashed.

Arcade Archives: Metal Black will remain on the Switch eShop, and you can pick it up for $8.

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