Calico has been updated to Ver. 2.01. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed designs not being unlocked in clothing designer
  • Fixed animals regaining hats after removing hat and reloading the game
  • Fixed not being able to select some design sliders with controller
  • Fixed bug with Owl Club quest that caused player to become stuck
  • Fixed update popup not closing when button is pressed
  • Fixed owl and chicken making crow sounds
  • Fixed one of the clothing tops being unobtainable, now available in clothing store
  • Fixed spoon catapults not working in some recipes
  • Fixed bagel stretching taking much longer than intended when fps is high
  • Fixed scritches minigame being uncontrollable when you have an animal on your head
  • Fixed boba balloon being able to get stuck in cups
  • Fixed a bug causing all areas to be unlocked prematurely
  • Resolved a critical issue that prevented you from completing a quest to clear the Mountain Path


  • Made cat scritches indicator easier to see on low graphics settings

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