A prequel to Road 96, the critically-acclaimed adventure RPG from developer DigixArt and publisher Ravenscourt, has been announced. “Road 96: Mile 0” will be released for Switch on April 4th, 2023. Check out the reveal trailer above and more details below.

Two teens, Two Worlds

Fans of Road 96 will remember Zoe, one of the main characters of the original game. She comes from the rich side of White Sands and her father works for President Tyrak’s government as the Minister of Oil.

Kaito—a character from developer DigixArt’s first game, Lost in Harmony—on the other hand, was born in rough, impoverished Colton City. After moving with his family to get away from Colton City’s pollution and find new jobs, Kaito finds himself in White Sands as well. It’s been two years since this move and they are now close neighbors to the Tryak abode.

Intrigued by his dark demeanor, Zoe gets closer to Kaito and the two develop a strong friendship. This budding friendship with Kaito eventually exposes Zoe to disturbing truths about her country and even her own father. Through this new-found relationship, players will discover what made Zoe flee her home and the truth behind the 1986 Border Attack that sets off the events of Road 96.

Zoe and Kaito’s Inner Worlds

Varying the narrative-driven gameplay of Road 96: Mile 0 will be sections that let us explore the thought processes of both Zoe and Kaito through psychedelic musical rides. Skating through these rhythm-based segments, players will make impactful narrative and emotional decisions that shape the journey of the game’s two protagonists.

The Midnight

Backing up today’s emotional announce trailer for Road 96: Mile 0 is the brand-new song “Land Locked Heart” from American synthwave band The Midnight, which will be released as a single soon. Designed to reinforce the emotional experience for players, “Land Locked Heart” is the first track from the Road 96: Mile 0 official soundtrack.

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