It took a long time for Nintendo fans to have a chance to enjoy the .hack series of games, but thanks to the Switch, multiple installments are now available. If you happen to be a fan of the .hack games, you might be interested to know that some very special items tied to the series have just been released in Japan.

CyberConnect2 have launched Game Art Works .hack//20th Vol. 1 Art Book, and LieN – .hack//20th Best (Vol. 1 to Vol. 3) soundtrack. The art book has 3 separate volumes, but just the first is up for grabs right now. As you might expect, the book includes art from the series, promotional illustrations, and more. This art book is priced at roughly $30, but there’s also an $85 Deluxe edition that includes a tote bag, art standee, button, and banner.

As for the soundtrack, this is a “best of” set featuring songs performed by LieN from various .hack games. All together there are 37 songs across 3 volumes, and these can be purchased for roughly $22.

There’s no official word on a localization for either of these items right now, but hopefully CyberConnect2 makes an announcement soon.

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bahamut omega

1+ y ago

Just need to get an anthology of the first four games from the series. Some of the side games would also be nice to see released on the Switch.

Hell, even if they could bring back the TCG for the Switch as well. But that would likely be much dreaming with running through using the Pokemon TCG for Gameboy Color as a guide on doing things right.